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Body and Sole Therapy

BodyandSole @ Club Vitae.

The Proprietor, Eleanor Kett, an Itec and Cibtac qualified Holistic Therapist and Reflexologist, qualified in this field in 2011 after 12 years working in the travel industry. Eleanor is a member of the Irish Massage Therapists association and has a vast knowledge of alternative/ complementary treatments and how they work to harmonize the 3 elements of wellbeing, Mind, Body and Spirit.

Some of the treatments Eleanor offers include:

  • Reflexology


The study of the reflexes of the feet that corresponds to every part of the body. The reflexologist can detect imbalances in the body by working the reflex points in the feet and work on the problem areas to correct them. The aim is to stimulate and speed up the body’s healing process to keep it in its own natural balance (homeostasis). To harmonise the 3 elements of wellbeing, mind, body and spirit, this helps to relieve painful symptoms, emotional blockages and energy blockages. It encourages both relaxation and stimulation. In return relaxation helps the body rebuild its energy resources, recover from illness/disease and helps activate the bodies circulation and nervous system making both more efficient benefiting the whole body.

  • Aromatherapy Massage


The use of natural essential oils from plants for their therapeutic properties. Oils are found in plants, leaves, flowers, seeds, twigs, tree bark resin fruit pulp and peel. Similar to animal hormones they are sometimes referred to as the plant life force. Essential oils are used for treating medical and nonmedical conditions. Essential oils have been used for centuries by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and the Roman Empire for their medical, cosmetic and relaxation benefits as well as embalming and preserving bodies. Both their physiological and psychological effects combine well to promote positive health. These natural plant oils are applied in a variety of ways including massage and inhalations.

  • Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling)


A pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears used to treat a variety of conditions. The ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears which soothes, relieves and relaxes. Can help with Irritation in ears and sinuses. Pressure regulation in cases of Sinusitis, Rhinitis (glue ear), Colds, Flu, headaches/ migraine, tinnitus, Vertigo, Stimulation and regulation of energy flow/ balance in the head.

  • Stone Therapy Massage


A speciality massage using hot, volcanic basalt stones. Where the therapist uses these heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat is both deeply relaxing and can help warm up tight, aching muscles this enables the therapist to work more deeply on the muscles, bringing about a sense of total relaxation.

Call Eleanor on 085 8087612 to arrange an appointment or to discuss any questions or individual needs you may have.

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